About Williams Kherkher

Since first opening its doors in 1983, Williams Kherkher has represented over 30,000 clients. We have fought hard for each of those clients, ensuring that no matter how immense and well-funded the opposition, every person will have their day in court.

While the currency of the legal profession is verdicts and settlements, the lawyers and staff of Williams Kherkher pride ourselves on the commitment we establish with our clients. It’s a moral commitment that exceeds any monetary value. So while providing our clients with exceptional legal representation is important to us, conducting ourselves ethically at all times is even more important.

What began as a firm specializing in asbestos litigation has grown into one that tackles all types of personal injury cases — including plant explosions, 18-wheeler accidents, catastrophic injuries and defective drugs. If you have any questions about the services we provide, please contact the Houston accident attorneys of Williams Kherkher by calling 832-369-8296 or toll-free 800-696-5341.

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